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Ep 6 - Confidently Step Into Change with Phil Buckley

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The world is changing faster than ever. In this episode change management expert Phil Buckley talks about how to lead yourself and others through massive change to achieve success. With compelling stories, Phil marks a clear path for those on the journey of transformation.

Enjoy this engaging episode of Story Power Lab.


About our guest:

Phil Buckley is an award-winning author and senior change management professional. He has deep experience with more than 32 large-scale change initiatives, including Cadbury's nearly 20 billion dollar kraft foods acquisition. He is the Founder of Change with Confidence, a consulting firm that helps leaders create a better future. He is also the author of Change with Confidence and Change on the Run.


Connect and learn more about Phil here:

Website: changewithconfidence.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/philbuckley01

Twitter: @philbuckley01

Instagram: @changewithconfidence

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCYo_a3qAoL0m57RQX8PkYw

 Phil's Books: Change on the Run  and Change with Confidence

About Story Power Lab and John Millen:

Storytelling is the most powerful way for professionals to build deep, trusted relationships in business and life. Story Power Lab is designed to equip you to tell your stories in business and in life. This podcast is for leaders, entrepreneurs, and other high achievers who want to grow their businesses and careers by sharing their stories with the world.

Your host John Millen is a storytelling expert who has meaningful conversations with experts, authors, and other people who are making a difference in the world. John will also share the storytelling tips and strategies he shares with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other public figures.

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Connect and learn more about John Millen:

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