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Tell Your Story

Why Storytelling is a Superpower for Leaders


We are all more distracted than ever. Human beings are hardwired for storytelling. When you share your stories you are guaranteed to engage people.


People remember stories. You might listen to an hour-long presentation and forget most of it shortly after. But a well-told story will linger in the memory, sometimes for years.


Long-term research has shown that human beings are more effectively persuaded by stories than by data or reasoning. A relevant story has more power to influence than a hundred studies.

Learn the Communication Secrets of Highly Confident Leaders

  • Learn to develop the leader’s mindset of controlling nerves and laser focus on motivational communication.

  • How to prepare your messages and adapt to any audience on a moment’s notice.

  • Use your tone of voice, body language and words to influence people to get results.

  • Feel comfortable sharing yourself and telling stories to bring your talks to life.



All Leaders Have Challenges with Communication


It’s not easy for any leader to communicate in today’s workplace. In a world of distraction, disruption and multi-generational work forces it’s a major challenge.

But there is a way to break through the clutter and motivate people to action.

Results-Focused Communication Skills

During 16 years in business, we’ve helped more than 7,000 leaders to develop results-focused communications skills: High-pressure presentations, sales pitches, board meetings, media interviews and more.

We work with CEO’s and other senior leaders, professional athletes, members of Congress, as well as leadership teams at every level in great organizations.




Trusted by many of the world’s best brands…

Brett Ludwig, Head of Global Communications, W.R. Gore & Associates, Inc.

I have worked with John at multiple companies and have always had great success with his counsel. I strongly recommend him when your organization is in need of a senior expert who can help top executives take their communication skills to the next level.

Rick Miley, Chairman and CEO, Broadstreet Partners

John understands the importance of words and how they can move people to action. His ability to explain complicated concepts through storytelling makes him an outstanding communicator but even more impressive is his ability to teach these skills. He draws out the best in everyone.



Briefly describe your needs for leadership communication coaching or training. We will be in touch immediately for a quick needs assessment call.


Through a call or online video session we will listen carefully to you to understand your needs for leadership communication and, if we are a fit, will give you a quick turnaround proposal.


With your approval, we will schedule time to partner with you to design and deliver communication coaching and training tailored to your specific needs and challenges.