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Our Most Popular Leadership Communication Articles of 2021

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By John Millen

2021 was another challenging year for all of us. But achievers continued to grow and develop despite obstacles in their paths. 

My mission is to help leaders and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and their careers. One way I do that is through my writing about leadership, communication and personal development.

Thank you for your readership, support and feedback over the years. Based on the number of views per article, here are the top five most popular articles of 2021. Click the headline to read the article.

Wishing you great success in 2022!


5 Ways to Stop Talking So Much


How to Challenge Your Beliefs


How to Present Like a TED Talk Pro

Credit: TED (Dr. Amy Cuddy)


Spanx CEO Sara Blakely's Four Leadership Lessons


How to Introduce a Guest Speaker 


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