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Exclusive Interview: Expert Reveals True Emotions Under Facial Expressions of Romney and Obama During Presidential Debate

"The face is an enormously rich source of information about emotions,” wrote Malcolm Gladwell in Blink about the science of facial coding. By reading facial expressions experts can describe the underlying, hidden emotions. In this exclusive video interview with Reputation Group, international Facial Coding expert Dan Hill analyzes a series of expressions of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama during their first presidential debate in October 2012...(post continued below the videos.) Below are three excerpts from the interview, as well as the entire interview.





Interviewed by John Millen, managing director of Reputation Group, Hill gives an intense, insightful analysis of the true emotions that Romney and Obama try to mask from the public.Hill looks at a series of seven separate images and describes the emotional states of Romney and Obama through the ups and downs of the national debate.

This debate was critical for Romney and Obama in building their brands and reputations. Social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn lit up with news about the debate.

What were Romney and Obama feeling during the debate?

The national media, political polls and most social media channels declared Romney the winner. Obama was seen as listless and lacking in energy. For the first time, an expert analyzes the facial expressions and explains what both candidates were feeling during this stressful exchange.

Hill is an author, international speaker and is frequently called upon by national news programs such as FOX, CNN, NBC and others to analyze the emotions underlying the facial expressions of public figures.

Hill’s firm, Sensory Logic, specializes in quantifying emotional response through the facial coding tool conceived by Charles Darwin and developed into the Facial Coding Action System (FACS) by Dr. Paul Ekman and his colleague Wally Friesen.

Emotions drive actions

Founded in 1998 because breakthroughs in brain science confirmed the centrality of emotions in consumers’ decision-making process, Sensory Logic is a neuromarketing research firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The company has been using a unique facial tool for more than 14 years to accurately quantify, analyze and make sense of emotions shown by consumers, executives, politicians, professional athletes, witnesses and others.

Facial coding provides an Internet-compatible method to gauge emotional response through "micro expressions" and a test subject’s facial muscle activity, known as action units (AUs).

For more information, visit Hill's website at Sensory Logic.

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